First Day of School- Northern Kentucky Photographer

As the school year starts back up it gives me a chance to reflect on our summer and the past year. It feels more like a "new year" than New Years Day. I'll admit, that for most of the summer I was looking forward to the first day of school. As I watched my almost two year old son tackle his sister on the trampoline, pull her hair, and listening to her screams, I'd take a deep breath and think, "just a few more weeks." 

Emmalynn has always been a very strong willed child. She's inquisitive and bright. She was the center of mine and my husband's life for four years, until her little brother came along. After almost two years, she still struggles with being a big sister. Thankfully, they started to play really well together towards the end of the summer break, but it has been a rough, guilt-driven two years for me as a mom. 

School hasn't always come easy for Emmalynn. She struggles to socialize, she gets overwhelmed easily, and becomes very discouraged if she doesn't pick up on something instantly. She isn't the kid who talks excitedly about the return to school. To be blunt; she dreaded it. Even more so because this will be the first year she goes for a full day, instead of half days. 

Yesterday was the first day of school and to my surprise Emmalynn woke me up a full thirty minutes before my alarm went off. She was already dressed and ready to go. Alex decided to go into work late so that we could drive her to school, but she insisted that she wanted to ride the bus on the first day. She was so animated and excited. Guthrie, on the other hand didn't handle it so well. I'm thankful that it wasn't a struggle because after we put her on the bus, walked inside, and Alex said he was leaving for work, I cried. I'm not sad that she's growing up, but as the years go by she gets farther and farther away from being our little baby. I'm proud of the girl she is and where she is headed.