You belong among the wildflowers,
You belong some where close to me,
Far away from your trouble and worries,
You belong some where you feel free.
— Tom Petty, Wildflowers


I cannot believe that you turned six this summer. It has been such an eventful six years and I am so blessed that you unexpectedly threw us into parenthood. 

You are in first grade this year. There is a kid in the class who has sent you home a few days in tears and yet you still offered to let her sit by you at lunch. I love how kind your heart is and how much you care. 

You have such a big imagination. The other day you sat in the playroom surrounded by toys, but you chose to play with paperclips. It amazed me that you sat there for hours pretending that the paperclips were different characters and that they were going on a "safari in the jungle." After you were done playing with them you turned them all into friendship bracelets. I still have mine sitting on my dresser. 

Your favorite thing in the world is hamsters. Especially your hamster, Ellie. You know all of the different breeds of hamsters, you only ask for hamster toys. Heck, you even had a hamster themed sixth birthday party. When you take interest in something, you jump all in. I love that. 

You want to be a scientist when you grow up. More specifically you want to be an astronaut. You know so many facts about the solar system that your dad and I have had to do research just to fact check you. Guess what, you're rarely wrong. I've learned more about the solar system from you than I ever did in school. I hope that your thirst for knowledge continues. 

There are nights, after you and Guthrie go to bed that I think back on the day and feel defeated. Sometimes I feel like I'm too hard on you or I feel like we've just spent the whole day arguing. I hope that you know that I reflect on those nights. I don't ever want you to think that I don't love you. You are the one who made me a mom and you have taught me more about life than anyone else. 

I love you, Emmalynn Grace. 



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