February 2019

I hope today is the kind of day where you see the light in everything.
— Morgan Harper Nichols

This month was amazing, exhausting, and frustrating all rolled into one. On February 2nd we welcomed our third baby, Rooney Bea (you can read about her birth story here). There’s so much healing involved after having a baby. You have to heal your body, your emotions, and the family has to heal together and learn a new normal. Anyone who says adding a child to the family is easy, is lying. Do I think that she’s been our hardest addition? Not even close, but a newborn is hard. However, dealing with the older kids’ emotions is harder. There’s nothing glamorous about nursing a newborn while your three year old son is losing his shit over his monster trucks not being perfectly lined up, or your seven year old crying over homework. We hardly left the house. I lived in pajamas (and still do). It’s getting better. It’s getting easier. February was stressful, but I feel that fog starting to lift and we’re all going to make it out.

Nicole TewesComment